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 Our Company

Prime Company for Scientific supplies is a pioneer Sudanese company working in the area of Scientific supplies including Imports and distribution of laboratory, Medical and scientific equipments in all over Sudan where there is increasing needs of Scientific and Medical equipments. Prime has also strived to provide the best equipments to assist scientists and technicians with specialist interests.

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Electric Muffle Furnace   ideal for ashing organic and inorganic samples, heat treating metals, ignition test , gravimetric analysis, and determination of volatiles and suspended solids,

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EQUITRON Standard Vertical Autoclave

Is ideal for all applications requiring, routine total destruction of all living micro-organisms. Ideal for all Microbiology Laboratories and Clinics Centers, Nursing Homes, small Hospitals Laboratories. It is a heavy duty

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Analogue Water Baths

General purposes durable water bathsMaintain temperature from ambient to 99C ±1.0C

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